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What Is A Sensory Support Chat?

A Sensory Support Chat is exactly as it sounds. It’s a chat with you, about you, to help and support you with sensory challenges.

Sometimes we don’t see the forest for the trees (we miss the big picture). Having a fresh pair of eyes look at something from a different perspective can be invaluable.

This is your opportunity to get some help and advice about the senses from a real-life person with real-life sensory experience.

Book a 15 or 30-minute slot where you can chat with Loz via phone, video link or messenger.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Support chats are easy, insightful and FREE! Stop procrastinating and book yours now!

About Loz

I am Loz a Neurodivergent adult with a diagnosis of Autism & Combined Type ADHD with 2 “adult” kids who are also Neurodivergent. Combining my own personal experience with over 18 years of parenting plus 12 years of helping our Sensory Community you could call me a bit of an expert!

My biggest sensory challenge is light sensitivity but I have extensive experience in helping people put strategies in place to support all of the 8 senses.

I am particularly passionate about the importance of chewing and helping people find the right chew product for them.

'Lorraine went above and beyond to try and help me. The amount of knowledge and resources she shared with me was overwhelmingly helpful. Thank you!'

Online Sensory Course

I have also developed an online sensory course from my own personal experiences of living with sensory challenges.

This includes how to prevent a sensory overload, meltdown and shutdown using a sensory diary and energy accounting and planning.