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Self Care Tool Box, Do You Have One?

Create Your Own Toolbox

Follow our top tips for creating your own sensory toolbox.

We all know that in this age of go go go and constant demands, self-care is of the utmost importance, but how do you fit it in, how do you remember to make it a priority, this is why creating your own sensory self-care toolbox can help!

In our household, we have had a roller coaster of challenges over the last 10 years. Health issues that create mental health issues. Mental health issues that create financial issues. A big circle of stressors that never seem to end. Psychology Today has a great article on self-care that you can read here:

Self Care 101


  • Find a purpose!

While my example might be extreme, it works for me. Three years ago, I was feeling very disenchanted about the lack of employment opportunities for my daughter who has autism. I had been researching chewellery when I came across Chewigem. I liked the product right away so I approached Jenny from Sensooli wondering if they were looking for a Canadian distributor. As they say, the rest is history!

I teamed up with Linda and Chewigem Canada was born. Even though running a business can be stressful on its own, Chewigem provides my daughter with valuable work experience and opportunities to work on various skills. Chewigem also allows us to connect with fantastic people and give them the tools they need while giving us that great feeling of helping.

  • Take a moment for you!

Wherever you can grab it. Just a few minutes of me-time with no demands can help you push through. For me, I know it’s a little weird, it’s being able to go grocery shopping by myself. It’s a task that is a must-do and it is, at times made more challenging when my daughter comes with me. She gets overloaded by the large busy store and that makes me tense!!

I feel guilty about leaving her at home as she always wants to get out of the house, but every once in a while I make a point of doing it on my own. If you can make a bit of time for yourself during the day, you can recharge and carry on.

  • Tea!

Yes, it does work (at least for me)  I’m an avid green tea, herbal tea fan. My fav right now is a blend called “Mother’s Little Helper”.  I also enjoy Organic Detox – both from David’s tea. The aroma, the taste and the warmth are all calming and soothing.

  • Salt lamps!

I have 2 in my house and often turn them on first thing in the morning. There’s something about the soft glow that helps me create a  headspace that is a little more organized. Next, I need to get one for my home office!!

  • Aromatherapy!

For me, Rosemary oil is a must-have. Most nights I put a few dabs on my pillow and I diffuse it regularly. I also use a product called Gardener’s Dream Cream by Aroma Crystal Therapy.

Wonderful for itches, dry skin, sore muscles but also it’s a relaxing blend of scents that is very calming on my senses. Aromatherapy roll-ons and diffuser bracelets are great on the go aromatherapy solutions.


There are many other self-care strategies in my toolbox – walking in nature, spending time with friends, reading a good book, lighting candles in the evening, researching crystals and their properties, volunteering, being grateful. While it’s often a challenge to keep balanced, it’s easier when you make it a habit.

Everyone needs to find what works for them and then “Just Do It!”


Gardener’s Dream Cream

Pharmasave Stores: Diffusers, salt lamps, aromatherapy 

David’s Tea

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