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Scent Seeking Tips & Under Sensitive Risks

Scent Seeking Tips & Under Sensitive Risks:

Smell is a powerful sense and can drive people to seek out smells they enjoy. If this is a dominant sense for your sensory system then having some handy tools to use when the need to self-regulate calls can be really useful. However, you are under sensitive, there are some inherent dangers you need to be aware of – our sense of smell is a primitive detection tool that can help keep you safe. Therefore it’s important enough to list them here, in our Scent Seeking Tips & Under sensitive Risks.

Scent Seeking Tips:

First we have the tips we have for scent seekers;

Having taken our sensory profile assessment, if you discovered that scent is a dominant trait for you. You might need to have the right smells on hand to help you with challenging situations. Luckily this is easily achieved in the home with the use of oils, scent plug -ins and aromatherapy.

But what about when you are out and about?

Here are 4 portable scent seeking tips:

  • A nice smelling hand cream.
  • Carry a travel-sized atomizer.
  • Invest in a diffuser necklace with a scent you like.
  • Plan your route to pass your favourite bakery to get that scent hit.

Scent avoider risks:

Next on our journey of Scent Seeking Tips & Under Sensitive Risks is the risks of undesensitivity.

If you are under sensitive to smell, you may seek out strong scents but you may not notice smells that are designed to warn us of danger. This could include:

  • Out of date food.
  • Smell of burning.
  • Smell of gas.

This is rare but if you know you don’t notice these usual warning signs, check sell-by dates and install smoke and gas alarms for safety.

Furthermore those who are under sensitive to smell can also feel the need to chew and smell everything they can. So what can appear like an oral seeking behaviour can actually be driven by being under sensitive to smell. In this scenario, the person may mouth and licks objects, play with faeces or eat mixed food (for instance, sweet and sour).

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