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Pregnant And Autistic – Lana Grant (Sensory Matters #21)

This week on The Sensory Matters Podcast Jenny chats to Lana Grant about being pregnant when you have ASD.

Lana is an Autistic mum to 6 kids, 3 with autism. She also runs her own Autism Consultancy.

Lana knew she was different from a young age and felt she was always 3 steps behind everyone else socially. Lana wasn’t asked if she was on the spectrum until her son was diagnosed with Aspergers, and then she realised.

Specialising in female autism Lana gives some great tips especially about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. She has written a book called “From Here to Maternity” which is a book about pregnancy and motherhood on the autism spectrum.

Lana also set up a Facebook Group named Mums on the Spectrum which has almost 3000 members. Lana set the group up for autistic women (either with a formal diagnosis or without a diagnosis but self-identifying) who are also mothers of children on the autistic spectrum or neurotypical children). This group is great support for autistic mothers facing similar issues.

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