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Night Time Chewing – What Can I Do About It?


Some children have a habit of night time chewing. Similarly to sucking their thumbs or using a dummy at night, it is a source of comfort.

Here at Chewigem, we have a few options that can be used to help night time chewing!


Bangles can be hand-held and used at night.  We have a large selection of bangles that range in texture, colour and strength.  We even have a Glow in the Dark Tread Bangle that will light up in the dark making it easier to find.


The Hexichew is a brilliant handheld fidget and chew.  Making it ideal for night chewing.  Stroking and chewing a Hexichew has even been known to send some people to sleep! Again we do this in a glow in the dark option making it easier to locate in the dark.


At Chewigem we have a small selection of handheld chewable toys.  These are also great for night time chewing.


All of the suggested products for night time chewing are handheld products and all CE Marked.  All of our products should be used under supervision and checked regularly for damage.  Necklaces should not be worn at night or by children under 3 years old.

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