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Your profile results are below. You can return to this page directly from your dashboard, which also provides access to your account and the sensory shop.

Your sensory profile is based on how you were feeling today. Take the assessment again at any time to compare results between assessments taken on different days and in relation to different situations.

These are your sensory results, displayed in order of dominance.

Visual Seeker

Visual - magpie-like attraction to all things bright and sparkly!

You love lights and visual stimuli and might even find that things you look at seem quite dark. You might be the one found staring at disco lights at a party or fixing your gaze on a bubble tube or lava lamp. You might tend to focus on detail rather than the whole picture. You like the brightness of a sunny day, strobe lights and visually stimulating screens. It all calms you and mesmerises you.

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Audio Avoider

Audio - super-sensitive ears

You have a kind of ‘sound superpower’, a bit like a spider-sense, and even the background noise in an office or classroom hum can be intolerable. Loud noises at parties, shops and concerts can set you on edge, and make you feel out of control or even angry. For you, sounds and conversations are magnified, you might even hear people breathing or chewing. But that doesn’t mean that you completely avoid sound as you may use your favourite noise to block out the noises you are trying to avoid.

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Scent Avoider

Scent - sensitivity to smells

You have the ability to smell a scent from 100 miles away! Smells that some find quite pleasant or tame you feel repulsed by and it can make you feel sick like you’re going to wretch. You can often detect very tame smells – things that other people can’t and you just have to get away from that smell.

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Touch Seeker

Touch - what and when to touch

Touch is a real stimulant for you – you seek and crave it. Sometimes you may be inappropriate with what and when you touch, such as touching other people’s clothes or hair because you enjoy the sensation. You may not feel food in your mouth and seek out oral stims or enjoy chewing inedible objects and clothing. You may enjoy tight hugs and rough play. Perhaps you cannot walk past certain clothing racks in a shop without stroking them.

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Oral Avoider

Oral - chewing and biting

You’re often a lover of strong flavours, spices and tastes. You may enjoy hot food and perhaps you enjoy a variety of flavours and textures in your food. You perhaps have to be mindful of not eating too much! You might chew and destroy the neck or cuffs of your clothes. You might find chewing, biting or licking helps you focus, or improves your concentration.

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Vestibular Avoider

Vestibular - coordination and balance

Sports is probably not your thing – you don’t enjoy it and you find it hard. Controlling and coordinating your body movements is tough and you may have trouble with balance and being able to stop suddenly when running. Perhaps you are prone to motion sickness. You could enjoy sitting on the floor and holding onto people. You perhaps are seen as destructive with toys or objects and can be rough physically with people.

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Proprioception Avoider

Proprioception - over defensive

You are sensory defensive when it comes to movement. You may avoid things that require lots of movement for fear of becoming uncomfortable. So you might avoid busy places so as not to bash into people, or you might walk around the edges of a room rather than straight through the middle. You may prefer to wear baggy clothing or bigger shoes as you don’t like the restrictiveness this can cause.

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Mixed Interoception

Interoception - can you hear what your body is telling you?

You have a mixed profile which can mean a number of different things. If you do have sensory processing difficulties what it probably means is … Interoceptive challenges affect you in two different ways. You can be both over sensitive and undersensitive to your internal sense. This can also change depending on your circumstances and environment. For example, if you are ill or overtired your senses can become heightened. If you are well-rested and calm things may not be so overwhelming. In more stressful environments like school, work or public places you may find your sensitivity is different to being in a calm and safe place like home. Each day can be different and depending on what’s happening and where you are. Your seeking and avoiding behaviours will help you to stay regulated.

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