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Let’s Normalise Disability Aids For Young People!

If I say Walking Stick what do you think?

Let’s Normalise Disability Aids For Young People!

I bet if I say walking stick you think elderly person?

If I said zimmer frame or walker I am almost certain you would think elderly person!?

But guess what? Not all elderly people are disabled and not all disabled people are elderly!

The Statistics

15% of the world’s population is disabled.

Between 93 million and 150 million children in the world are disabled.

Here in the UK, 14.6 million people are disabled according to the Family Resources Survey (2020 to 21).

9% of that 14.6 million are children

21% are working-age adults

42% are pension-aged adults.

So in just the UK, we have 29% of 14.6 million disabled people who are under the age of 65.

That’s over 4.2 million people 😮

So Why Are Mobility Aids Always Aimed At The Elderly?

There are lots of mobility aids out there but the majority of them are aimed at elderly people.

When searching for disability aids I was disappointed to find that almost everything was marketed to the elderly. Everything I found had images of elderly people and text about how great the product was for an elderly person. I was buying these products for my kid and I wanted them to choose what they liked.


As you can see my kid is pretty funky so it was difficult when everything was pictured with an old person using it. When you’re buying something you want to picture yourself using it. You need to see yourself represented using these aids.

18-Year-Old Uses Rollator Walker!

When we buy our aids we try to go for a sporty look and feel to give it a youthful edge. That is what we did when we bought this rollator walker. Jamie has difficulties with mobility and whilst we have tried a walking stick it is still very difficult to keep their body in a good position. That is why rollators are so good! Yet we walk down the street and people stare because rollators are for the elderly right?


Without an aid, Jamie struggles to walk even a few metres due to their physical health but Jamie also has sensory processing difficulties. Jamie struggles to process vestibular and proprioceptive input meaning they struggle to stand straight or sit straight and often slouch or fall to the floor. The rollator gives that frame to keep a nice upright posture whilst also having something to lean on which helps to reduce fatigue. The bonus of the built-in seat is that you can stop for as many rests as you need!

Cool Mobility & Disability Aids!

Disability aids don’t have to be boring and there are some amazing companies out there who are showing this with their incredible products!

We own many pairs of Not Your Grandmas Compression Socks and we also sell them on our site.

We Love Them

Compression socks help to improve blood flow. So if you use a wheelchair or you have a condition like POTs (Postural tachycardia syndrome) compression socks can be really helpful in improving your blood flow. This is why we love Not Your Grandmas Compression Socks. They do the job but they also look and feel absolutely incredible.

Hanna from Not Your Grandmas is on a mission to show the world that disability is anything but boring!

Cool Crutches

This company is a mother and daughter duo whose life changed when Amelia (the daughter) was involved in a quad bike accident. When Amelia got to the point of walking with crutches the NHS ones were very uncomfortable and so Cool Crutches was born. You can get amazingly designed walking sticks and crutches that are super comfortable to use and you can even design your own!

I’m Fine Attire

By the time you read this, I’m Fine Attire will have closed down. We are not sure of the circumstances of this but it is a real shame.

You’ll Be Missed

I’m Fine Attire created by Emma was a mixture of clothing to make you feel better in more ways than one. With a mix of clothing that had pockets for heat packs to help with chronic pain, there was also some really funny hoodies & Tshirt that couldn’t help but make you smile.

If you are reading this before 1st August 2022 you may be able to grab a bargain before this amazing shop closes

You Do You!

We have lots of young disabled people within our community and we want them to be able to use the aids they need when they need them!

If you know of any more awesome brands doing cool disability or mobility aids please let us know.

You can email us at hello@sensooli.com

or send us a Direct Message via Facebook

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