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I’m Going Back To School! – A Free Back To School Social Story

A social story to help those returning to School post-Covid 19 lockdown.

Going back to school after the upheaval of Covid19 can be stressful, ESPECIALLY with the fact that everything is different for the time being.

Social stories are a fantastic way to explain to people how events, situations, or in this case life after a lockdown may look different. It helps them understand what is going on and prepare for what is coming next. It can also develop the skills and experience necessary to recognize what a situation might look like and how it could make them feel. It can lead to increased confidence and ability to tackle this change. This social story explores what back to school after covid might look like. 

This social story is perfect for children who may be worrying about going back to school after covid.

Anyone who is non-verbal or a visual seeker may benefit from a social story, allowing them to picture themselves in that situation and relate it to their own life.

A lot has changed since Covid 19 washed up on our shores. Life as we know it has been completely tipped on its head, this can be very unsettling for children and many may be concerned about going Back to school after covid.

In this social story, we explore what school might look like to help children understand what to expect. From hand sanitizing to social distancing.  

Make this sensory story part of a routine to help your child to understand and prepare for going back to school after covid. 

This social story will help prepare your child for the differences that they will encounter in school and let you explain it in a simple way with lots of visual cues!

Get your child ready to go back to school without the stress by downloading it here:


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