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How We Developed The Chewable, Sensory, Discreet Pencil Case


Our journey to develop the Discreet Chewable Pencil Case for School – SPD Chewing aid, took time and input from those that would use the product. 

We had an idea, a fab idea way back in 2015. We had heard feedback that some, not all, of our secondary school-aged customers did not want to wear our chewable jewelry. They had by the very nature of hitting the teenage years become overly conscious of fitting in. Many are still happy with our items as they are designed to be discreet. Yet many teenagers and adults who are autistic or have sensory processing difficulties have a need to fidget and chew.

We love the challenge of an unmet need and it got us excited and we were desperate to create something special. Something that could just slot into school life without anyone batting an eye.

Our design team got to work and settled on a pencil case, something all school-aged children need and use. What if we could make it cool, discreet and something no one would even look twice at.

We also felt it was important to have involvement from those who would use it. In April 2016 that we made contact with a local autism group and they were more than happy to assist.


  1. Use real-life people to help us prototype and design a product that would hit the market. Getting input from these people and their children would be invaluable insight. If we could get them to test and feedback during the development stage, we were sure we’d release the best pencil case we could.


The local group were thrilled to hear from us and happy to work with us.

We then met with this local group several times from June 2016 to Summer 2017. It took a year of visits, sending prototypes off with the parents to be tried out on their children and collating that feedback before we nailed it! But nail it we did!

Without the support and input from the local group, we would not have the product we have today.

The feedback from the pencil case has been immense and meets the need we intend very well.

School Kit Box - Secondary

So why not treat yourself to one, find out more detail about it here.

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