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How To Help Your Special Needs Child Succeed At School – Top Tips! (Sensory Matters #60

This week we have Steph Reed who gives us some top tips to help your special needs child succeed at school. Steph works as a Special Needs Co-ordinator as well as providing outreach for Special Needs children and schools.

Steph started her career teaching in mainstream education, while there she set up nurture groups before moving onto teaching in Autism specific schools. One of the main roles in her current job consists of looking at the specific needs of the child and the needs of the school and finding a middle ground. She does this by using different techniques such as visual aids and other strategies.

Find out all about Steph’s concerns about the current education system and how she feels it could be improved. As well as plenty of great tips and tricks you and your child’s school can implement to help them succeed in their education!

Listen to the full podcast below:


Find out more about Steph here:

Autism Spectrum Teacher Website





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