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How To Help Autistic People Deal With Grief (Sensory Matters #60)

This week the chew crew talk about how to help autistic people deal with grief. Grief is something that affects everyone in different ways. However, some Autistic people might find it difficult to identify or process grief. During this podcast, we give you effective ways to deal with grief and get through it.

The chew crew also discuss some interesting and exciting things going on in our community, including Richie from Awesometistic who has set a parent-led support group for autistic adults and FIGS who have started a petition about making the road to diagnosis easier for girls on the spectrum.

They also discuss last weeks podcast where Steph Reed gave us some great tips on how to help your child succeed at school, and the chew crew discuss their time at school and what would have helped them.

Find Steph’s Podcast Below:


Listen to the full podcast below:


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