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How To Get Schools To Accept Sensory Aids!

This week Jenny, Lorraine and Katy talk about how to get schools to accept sensory aids. In our community this is a common problem, there tend to be two types of schools. Either school think that sensory aids are a fantastic idea. They are completely on board with the idea of them. Or they are completely against and just say no.

If your school is in the latter category, you’re probably thinking “how do I get the school to accept sensory aids?” You know your child needs them and will benefit but the school just can’t see it.

This is where our great episode comes in. Lorraine, Katy and Jenny give you really great tips on getting schools accepting these aids.

As well as this, find out all about special interests and how they might not be as simple as you think. Lorraine’s diagnosis and the new book hunting craze.

This is not an episode to be missed so listen to it below:




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