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How To Deal With Illness When You’re Autistic (Sensory Matters #56)

This week on the podcast we talk about how to deal with illness when you’re Autistic and out of routine. This came up because Lorraine has been ill for the last two weeks. She was having a hard time resting and kept having to be reminded.

Find out how the rest of the team deal with illness and being Autistic too, there’s a bunch of top tips!

It was also World Autism Awareness week and we talk about the “My Boy Blue” Instagram takeover that Lorraine and Jamie are a part of. We featured My Boy Blue on one of our very first podcasts which you can find here:


The Chew Crew also discuss a scheme run by Cardiff University called Discovery Summer School.  Where 14-19 year olds on the spectrum can spend two days living independently as university students to get a feel of what it’s like. Find out more here

We also discuss Indieandy’s podcast from last week and the question “How do you take off the mask?”

Listen to last week’s podcast below:


Listen to this week’s podcast on:


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