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How Routine Helps Anxiety with The Girl With The Curly Hair (Sensory Matters #5)

This Week on Sensory Matters Jenny Chats to Alis Rowe aka The Girl with the Curly Hair about how routine helps with anxiety.

We were delighted to have her on the show especially as a change to her routine is a huge challenge.

Diagnosed at age 22 … a diagnosis has helped her to understand herself. Find out how carrots made her skin turn orange!

Alis has a chemistry degree, an MA and does web design. Now running the Curly Hair Project she tells us how she fits everything in. Her natural medication for anxiety is routine and she makes sure to make it part of everything she does. She is the master of sameness!

Alis was not comfy being on camera so her side is audio only.

Find The Girl With The Curly Hair on their Facebook and Website:

The Curly Hair Project Website
The Girl With The Curly Hair Facebook

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