Green is the WORLDS favourite colour!

We are doing our bit to help the planet

It is more important than ever that every one of us does our bit to help the environment and minimise our impact on climate change. As a company, we have always used recycled paper and packaging but we are now committing to doing even more and you may notice some changes to your orders.

  1. From January 2022 all our online orders will become totally paperless, we usually print a dispatch note with every order, but even with using recycled paper in the digital age this feels wasteful so we have committed to stopping this. You will no longer receive a paper copy of your order in with your parcel. You receive order confirmations electronically and we will save over 200,000 bits of paper being printed a year doing this.
  2. Any cards or inserts will be 100% recycled and recylableable! We legally have to include safety and care information with some products and this has to be ‘with’ the product rather than electronic so where that is required these will be using the most sustainable materials we can source.
  3. Outer mailers – we are moving to eco-friendly mailers that will be 100% green. Outer mailers are the envelope or packaging that contains your items.
  4. We used to send each Chewigem Original in their own individual recycled branded pouches, again these are mostly discarded and it feels very wasteful, so this will no longer be the case, your products will come loose with minimal packaging to help do our bit for the planet.

Packaging has become a symbol of quality and led to an explosion in unnecessary, unsustainable fancy packaging. We want to step away from this and do what is right for the planet. Packaging does not equal quality, the products we sell dont need packaging to make them feel high-end, because they are top quality already. We need to challenge this perception.

— Jenny McLaughlan – CEO