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Sensory Support Session

Chat through your SPD questions with our knowledgeable support team
*Learn more about SPD and where to get help

*Chat about practical support strategies you can try at home

*Get signposted to specialist SPD education resources & products

*Connect with someone with real-life SPD experience

How it works

1. Pick a time from the calendar & complete the registration form
2. Check your email for confirmation and links to join the chat
3. Connect with your SPD support person.
Everything you tell us is 100% private and confidential and will never be shared outside of the scheduled chat.

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It's all about you!

You will leave your session feeling listened to and understood. A raft of strategies and solutions will be at your fingertips.  One of our experienced neurodivergent team will be all ears. You will feel good having discussed your challenges and frustrations

Why us?

We are a team of neurodivergent adults with neurodivergent children, who have been supporting families for over a decade. Whether just learning about sensory difficulties or further along on your journey – we want to help.

We are not able to diagnose or assess. But we can listen to YOUR story, share our knowledge and experience from not just textbooks, but living with sensory challenges ourselves. We can offer pointers on where to seek further support.

We would recommend before booking a session you use our free sensory profile tool, to get a steer on your most dominant sense and how it impacts your life. We can use this as a basis to help develop strategies that will make a difference to you. This is suggested, but not required.

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At a time that works for you!

Our offering is simple, you can book a support session at a time to suit you, in a format to suit you.

Don’t like the phone? No problem, let’s talk on messenger.

Prefer to chat? No problem, we will arrange a phone or video call, whatever you prefer.

All information shared at these sessions are completely confidential.

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