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Exploring Our Senses – A Social Story

A downloadable social story that explores the 8 senses may help explain to some, how our senses can affect us.

Social stories are a fantastic way to explain to people how events, situations, or in this case our own body can affect us. It helps them understand what is going on and prepare for what is coming next. It can also develop the skills and experience necessary to recognize what a situation might look like and how it could make them feel. It can lead to increased confidence and ability to tackle what some see as everyday situations. This social story that explores the 8 senses looks at how our environment impacts those senses and what to expect plus strategies that might help.

Social stories are often aimed at children but are also suitable for adults. Anyone who is non-verbal or a visual seeker may benefit from a social story, allowing them to picture themselves in that situation and relate it to their own life.

This story is perfect if the person you intend to use it with, or you, yourself struggle to understand what your senses are and what they do?

We use our senses to help us understand, explore and navigate the world around us. Those with Sensory Processing Difficulties can struggle with understanding this and using this story may help it become clearer for them. Using simple straight forward language and visual images has to be worth a go. You may find you need to go over this story frequently to gain the understanding required. 

In this social story, we explore the 8 Senses (yep there are actually 8 of them) and how each one affects your body and sensory system. Those that have sensory processing difficulties may not understand how their body is reacting to sensory input and it can cause upset anxiety and frustration. Or it could be that their sensory system reacts differently and this can be confusing.

Make this sensory story part of a routine to help understanding grow and equip the person with the ability to recognize the signals and listen to what their body is telling them. Download the social story that explores the 8 senses now.


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