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Energy Accounting

Energy Accounting

Energy Accounting can benefit everyone because everyone can do too much and get overloaded. It has typically been used by autistic people to help manage our overwhelm and meltdowns. But the theory behind it means it can work for all.

It is a really important part of having a balanced sensory diet. Which is why we want to help you understand it better.

Basically, every time you do an activity that takes energy away you counteract this. You do this by doing activities that give you energy back.

An Energy Accounting Chart can help! It can help you see how much energy you are losing and gaining because you can see it visually.

Loz shows us how to balance our energy here 👇

Download our balance sheet here 👇 or make your own!

Energy Accounting is similar to the spoon theory which is widely used by people with chronic pain. These people are often referred to as “spoonies” and can find out more about the Spoon Theory here

It doesn’t matter if you use the spoon theory, energy accounting, or a mixture of the two. The important thing is that you’re thinking about managing your energy so that you don’t burn out or overload.

You could even break your draining and replenishing activities down and split them into values. This way you can match a draining activity with a replenishing activity perfectly. Or you could simplify it further by using image cards for young children.

If you need any help or support please contact us and we would be happy to help 😊

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