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CHEWSing the Perfect Halloween Costume


What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Costume’? I think itchy material, ruthless tags and endless rummaging through my wardrobe to find something that resembles anything I can call a costume.

Halloween can come with its challenges for those with Sensory Needs but trying to make it a time of excitement and fun can help push through the challenges.

Finding a costume that makes you happy (and that’s comfortable!) can be the difference between having a good night and a meltdown.

So why not try and challenge yourself to incorporate a Chewigem (or Chewigems) into your costume? This can be a great way to accessorise your costume whilst having sensory aids on hand for those times of overload.

We’ve come up with a few Chewigem Costume ideas to give you some inspiration!

1) Character: Princess Ariel
    Chewigem: Bath Bubba Bag

Everyone recognises Ariel’s iconic red hair and purple clamshell top! Have you spotted that our Bath Bubba Bag comes with perfectly themed items for a mermaid costume – including a purple clamshell! Each of these items has a hole so a cord can be threaded through to turn each item into an Under-the-Sea necklace.


2) Character: Captain Jack Sparrow
    Chewigem: Pirate Bubba Bag

Who doesn’t love Captain Jack Sparrow’s witty one-liners?! If you’re looking to add to a pirate-themed costume, our Pirate Bubba Bag can definitely help with that! It includes a Telescope, a Ship’s Helm, a Gold Coin and a Skull and Crossbones. All of these items are completely chewable and the gold coin can even be attached to a cord and worn as a necklace!


3) Character: Witch
     Chewigem: Cat

Every witch needs a feline side-kick! So whether you choose to go with the classic black or a less traditional colour, Chewigem can help you find your perfect cat companion. Our cat pendants are a mild-moderate chew with a bumpy back for extra texture. A perfect addition to any Witch Costume this year!


4) Character: Samara Morgan
     Chewigem: Realm Ring

Who remembers the first time they watched “The Ring’? I bet most of us still avoid Wells and Strange Video Tapes to this day! Samara Morgan is instantly recognised by her long black hair and our Realm Ring Pendant can really enhance the costume with its Ring shape.


5) Character: Ghostbusters
     Chewigem: Toy Phone 

Who are you gonna call? Well, it’s no good if your Ghostbusters don’t carry a phone! Our Chewable phone can be worn on a cord or in a pocket. Make sure you don’t miss a call!



Those are just a few ideas to pair up some Chewigems with Halloween costumes to make the perfect sensory combinations –

I bet you can come up with more so be sure to share any ideas or even better, a picture of your Chewigem inspired costumes on social media and in our Sensory Support Group!

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