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Chewipal Vs Twister

Chewipal Vs Twister

Chewipal Vs Twister. If you’re looking for something soft and flexible to chew you’ve come to the right place. The Chewipal and the Twister Bangle are 2 of the softest products available. But how do you know which is right for you? We can help!

Chewipal Straps

The Chewipal Strap is our softest Chewigem. It has a matt finish with a dual texture and is perfect for those we need a very mild, soft flexible chew. People with The Temporomandibular Joint Disorder find it means they can chew without hurting their jaw. Each end has a loop so it can be attached to other products and things like backpacks and button holes.

It was initially designed to be a chewable attachment to our other products but has now become one of our most popular items.

Simple, yet functional it is often used to loop through a buttonhole or belt loop at one end and onto our other products . This works really well, meaning it cannot be thrown or lost … bonus!

Chewipal Vs Twister

Our customers like us love to use our products for more than they are intended. It’s geat for using as a fidget toy to flap around in your hands or run through your fingers. You can use it to redirect from chewing headphone wires and charging cables or ping it like an elastic band. It’s such a fun product to use and it comes in a 2 pack!

Twister Bangles

Twister Bangles aren’t quite as soft as the Chewipal straps but they are still super soft and flexible. They have a lovely smooth matt finish with a texture on the outer ring. These bangles are so discreet due to their size and design so they just look like a cute little bangle. People with TMJ & who grind their teeth also love the Twisters! You can wear multiple Twisters and stack them on your wrist too!

Chewipal Vs Twister

Initially designed for a child sized wrist these bangles actually fit almost anyone. Because of their flexibility you can stretch them over your hand to wear and they look amazing.

Chewipal Vs Twister

ProductChewipalTwister Bangle
Product TypeAccessoryBangle
Durability Level12
Flexibility Level55
Firmness Level11
Thickness Level11
Discreetness Level45
Cord TypeN/AN/A
Breakaway ClaspN/AN/A
Amount In A Pack22
Lifespan (based on aggressive chewers)1 weeks1 weeks
*Durability, flexibility, firmness, thickness & discreetness levels 1-5 (5 being the most)

If you’d like to chat about which product would work best for you please just send us a message. We’ve been helping people find the right chew for them for over 12 years now – it’s what we do!

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