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Chewing Through An OT’s Eyes With Saskia Grassie (Sensory Matters #8)

This week Jenny chats to Saskia, a children’s Occupational Therapist who specialises in chewing, she is a fountain of knowledge and we discover Occupational Therapists View’s on Sensory Chewing.

It’s really worth listening to this one. Saskia explains how she finds out if an oral input is productive or counterproductive for a child. Another thing she tells us is all about the strategies she uses for children, including secret strategies. Finally, She also gives great advice and tips on how to approach the school about chewing in school and using Chewigem’s in school.

It is no wonder this is one of our most downloaded episodes packed with tips, tricks, and valuable insight. What better place and person to learn from than a professional who works with children and adults with chewing needs daily, get the Occupational Therapists View on Sensory Chewing now.

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