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Chewing in School – Some Tips And Tricks

What are the benefits of chewing in school?

  • Relieves anxiety
  • Reduces Stress
  • Aids Concentration & Focus
  • Helps with distractibility
  • Focuses Fidgeting
  • Reduces Undesirable Impulsive Behaviours
  • Encourages Self-Regulation
  • Helps Calm & Sooth
  • Helps to Reduce Excess Movement
  • Can Help Reduce Self-Harm

Who We Are

Here at Chewigem, we have a wide variety of products that can be used for chewing in school. Our products are not only discreet but can be used to help communication.

So if you or someone you know is a chewer and you haven’t tried a chewable aid – now is the time!

Whether you chew your pens, need help communicating how you’re feeling, want to be left alone or need to fidget … we have something for you!

Our Products

Pencil Covers

Our pencil covers work in many ways. If you chew your pens or pencils then these are great to just slip on, perfect for chewing in school. They can also be used as a grip when writing. Furthermore, they make great fidgets on their own so you can just pop them in your pencil case. The opened ended topper can also be used as a straw!


The Emotichew is a great communication aid as well as being used as a chew and fidget. The red side says leave me be, whilst the green side says talk to me. Therefore giving a clear message to staff and peers alike.

The Hand Fidget

The Hand Fidget, comes in funky rainbow or camo but fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Customers can chew and fidget and when they are done just pop it back in their pocket.

The Chewigem Pencil Case

The Chewigem Pencil Case is such an innovative product. We designed this to be the ultimate school sensory product. Customers can find a pencil case that they can use for fidgeting, with raised bubbles that can be squeezed like bubble wrap, a ruler and protractor that are true to size and can actually be used as the real thing and can also be chewed. A chunky eraser for chewing and fidgeting and a calculator (please be aware this is not a real calculator) with raised numbers perfect for chewing and fidgeting. Spilt the items down or use them as a whole these are great in school.


The Chewimoji’s are a set of chewable communication aids, not only are they super great to chew on but also allow those who find communication a challenge to use them to express their mood. Covering a range of emotions including; Happy, Sad, Excited, Anxious, Tired, Bored, Angry, Content. Have them available on your desk or hang them off a lanyard.

The Kiki Comforter

The Kiki comforter is a soft fleecy comfort blanket. One side is smooth and other has raised bumps for sensory input. With the same emotions as the Emojichew, they work really well as a pair or on their own.

Chewing Diary

We also have a really helpful chewing diary available. This is a great way to record what you chew and help to change your chewing habits.

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