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Chewigem Tread Vs Wave

Chewigem Tread Vs Wave

Chewigem Tread Vs Wave Bangle. With so many amazing products to choose from how do you know which bangle is best for you? Today we look at the Tread Bangle Vs the Wave Bangle to help you make that decision!

Tread Bangle

Many years ago we ran a competition to design new Chewigems and one of the winners was the Tread Bangle. Since we produced this bangle we have sold tens of thousands across the globe! We even brought it out in an adult size! The Tread Bangle is easily one of our best selling products and is popular with both children and adults. Dual textured with tread on the outside and a smooth inner circle it is a durable yet flexible chew. Available in 2 different sizes these bangles have a matt finish. Perfect for those who chew their cuffs or pop it over your knuckles to redirect from hand chewing.

Ideal For Those Who Don’t Want A Necklace

For those who don’t like to wear necklaces our bangles are the ideal alternative. Can also be used as a handheld product or if you do like a necklace pop them on a cord! As far as our bangles go this is one of our toughest but it also has some flexibility. Wear it, chew it or use it as a fidget the Tread Bangle is a great all rounder. It comes in several different colours and they match up with our Dog Tags or Chubes.

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Chewigem Tread Vs Wave

Wave Bangle

This is a very flexible child sized bangle and due to it’s flexibility can stretch over bigger hands and wrists. Finished with our special coating that makes it feel like velvet the Wave Bangle is incredible. It really is a tactile seekers dream and you won’t get this special coating from any other brand! The Wave is named that because of it wavy appearance and it is a very funky stylish piece of chewelry. Perfect for those who like a lot of flexibility in their chews and fidgets. The Wave Bangle comes in 3 different colours so why not collect them all and stack them up!

5 Quick & Easy OT Activities To Help With Coordination

Another great thing about the Wave bangle is we teamed up with a leading Occupational Therapist to create an easy to follow activity guide. This guide shows you ways to use the Wave Bangle to improve your child’s coordination in just 5 minutes a day. 

Product TypeBangleBangle
Durability Level43
Flexibility Level34
Firmness Level32
Thickness Level33
Discreetness Level44
Cord TypeN/AN/A
Breakaway ClaspN/AN/A
Amount In A Pack11
Lifespan (based on aggressive chewers)2 weeks3 weeks
Durability, flexibility, firmness, thickness & discreetness levels 1-5 (5 being the most)

If you’d like to chat about which product would work best for you please just send us a message. We’ve been helping people find the right chew for them for over 12 years now – it’s what we do!

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