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Chewigem – not just for chewing – improve your oral motor skills and more!

More than just a chew!

You might assume Chewigem or any chewellery has the sole benefit of just helping those with a need to chew! In fact Chewigem is not just for chewing –  it can improve your oral motor skills and more. Over the last decade Chewigem has helped develop oral motor skills,  freed those who have a food aversion, relieve pain in teething babies, supported those people who are tube fed and offered a discreet tool to those with dementia.

Oral Motor Skills

Oral motor skills include awareness, strength, co-ordination, movement and endurance of the mouth; jaw, tongue, cheeks and lips. When you think about the range of shapes, textures and strengths Chewigem has, it makes sense how this can be manipulated to meet the needs of the user.

Food Aversions

You might not think it, but Chewigem has helped many overcome food aversions. A great strategy is to try different textures and parts of the mouth to help acclimatize to the sensations outside of meal times where there is less pressure. It can help desensitize the mouth and build up a tolerance, allowing new foods to be introduced gradually. Chewigem can also help people who over eat by having something to occupy their mouths.


Often those with dementia start to fiddle , pull and mouth things, almost reverting to a child like state. Chewigem originals, especially the Berries necklace is brilliant for this, the texture is so satisfying, and the design classy and discreet.

A Great Oral Motor Activity – Blowing Bubbles

The Chewigem pencil covers can be a perfect oral motor activity. One in the pack is open at both ends , meaning it can be used as a short straw and we all know straws are fantastic for sucking and blowing bubbles make them a great oral motor activity for those in need or oral stimulus and input!

“Chewigem’s are such a versatile tool that can support the oral needs of a wide range of clients”

— Occupational Therapist – NHS Grampian

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