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Bonfire Night – 5 Tips To Survive It

Bonfire night can be exciting and beautiful but for some people, like those with sensory processing differences and autism, it can be scary and disturbing.

The unexpected lights and loud noises can be too much to cope with.

Some people may decide to avoid bonfire night and fireworks completely but if you do want to attend an event or have some fireworks yourself following these tips may help to make the experience a little less stressful.

1. Preparation

Social stories, visuals and countdowns can be a great way to prepare for any upcoming event including bonfire night. You can download a count down app, cross days off a calendar and create social stories and visual aids about what we can expect from bonfire night.

2. Ear Defenders

Ear defenders and Headphones are a great way to drown out the unexpected noise of fireworks. If you want to listen to the sounds of the fireworks you can always use them to adapt to the sound and gradually remove or reduce the sound.

3. Stand at the Back

If you’re going to a display you can stand at the back so that it is easy to take breaks and get away from all of the people. It is much easier to take regular breaks when you’re not penned in by people.

4. Watch from the house

If you watch from your house you can really dull out the noise but see the beautiful displays that are going on. You can put on some music and wrap yourself in your favourite fluffy blanket.

5. Turn up the TV and avoid altogether

If you don’t want to go to a display or you’re not interested in fireworks at all then why not just turn up the TV and avoid it altogether.

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