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Bermuda Bangle Vs Bonnie Bangle

Bermuda Bangle Vs Bonnie Bangle

Bermuda Bangle Vs Bonnie Bangle – when it comes to choosing between these 2 adult sized bangles it can be difficult. They have lots of similarities but lets take a look at the differences and see which one would be best for you!


Named after the Bermuda Triangle this bangle has 3 distinct edges to it. With a smooth gloss finish this is a very stylish piece of jewellery. This bangle comes in what we call “adult size” which is a 55mm internal diameter. It does have some pull so if you have bigger hands you can give it a tug to get over them. If you have a smaller wrist you can also use this as a handheld chew. There is some flexibility in this bangle but the 3 edges are quite tough. This is great because it means you can meet different flexibility needs by chewing it in different ways. You can squeeze and spin the Bermuda Bangle too so it is great as a multipurpose stim and very discreet. You can see how great it looks in this video.


The Bonnie Bangle is a simple round design. Again it has a smooth gloss finish and is super stylish and discreet. Another of our “adult sizes” with a 55cm internal diameter but this bangle is much more flexible so you can give it a really good pull to get over bigger hands. Smaller hands can use this as a handheld chew and it actually makes a great teething ring! The Bonnie Bangle is so stimmy it’s hard not to squeeze and twist it. Because it is softer and more flexible than the Bermuda it has a great bounce back. This is probably my favourite of all the bangles we do because of it’s elegant style. You can see more on this bangle in this video.

Bermuda Bangle Vs Bonnie Bangle

ProductBermuda BangleBonnie Bangle
Product TypeBangleBangle
Durability Level43
Flexibility Level34
Firmness Level32
Thickness Level33
Discreetness Level55
Cord TypeN/AN/A
Breakaway ClaspN/AN/A
Lifespan (based on aggressive chewers)3 weeks3 weeks
Durability, flexibility, firmness, thickness & discreetness levels 1-5 (5 being the most)

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