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Bad Sensory Days and Work (Sensory Matters #48

This week on episode 48 of The Sensory Matters, The Chew Crew talk about how to get through a work day when it is also a bad sensory day. Jenny, Lorraine and Katy also talk about the latest news and controversies in the sensory world.

If you struggle to get through work when it is a bad sensory day, we know the struggle and challenges this brings. This episode of our podcast has lots of tips and tricks, which should help you to manage and control your own sensory needs whilst at work and on the go.

As well as all of this, The Chew Crew get chatting about last weeks awesome podcast, featuring Tracy from Aspiecat. Tracy’s take on the subjects that were discussed. Also, Tracy talks about her own sensory challenges, and she takes questions from you, the Chewigem Public!

We hope you find this podcast interesting and insightful and a great help with managing your sensory work day.

Listen to the podcast on your favourite podcast streaming service:


In case you missed it, you can find Aspiecat’s Podcast in the link below, so why not listen again:


If you like our Podcasts and find them helpful to your sensory needs, give us a like and leave a comment to let us know. We love to hear from you and get your feedback.

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