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Are You Ready To Unlock The Secret To Busting Anxiety?


Sleep problems, including snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, sleep deprivation, and restless legs syndrome, are common. So don’t hit snooze on your problems just yet!

Need help recovering from sensory overload and shutdown? Don’t shut this down yet!

Looking for a simple natural way to help with stress and anxiety? That’s only natural!

Regulate And Calm Our Sensory Systems

Don’t you just hate it when you get stuck in one of those vicious cycles?

When we don’t sleep well it affects everything. Lack of sleep impacts your senses making sensory overloads way more likely.

Overloads then lead to shutdowns.

Lack of sleep causes heightened stress, anxiety & pain.

Sleep is key to everything! One of the best things you can do for your health is sleep. With enough sleep, you can conquer anything.

What We Can Do?

All of those nights spent clock watching and seeing every single hour! Dragging ourselves out of bed unrested and groggy. Spending our days doing what we can to scrape by and feeling exhausted but knowing that we still won’t sleep again tonight … *big sigh*

We think caffeine is our friend … we think caffeine is our best friend.

But caffeine is a false economy … it gives us a burst of energy when we need it but it stops us sleeping later!

Have you ever wondered what your day would be like if you had slept and were well-rested?

Kicking stress and anxiety to the curb and having an amazing day!

Sounds like a dream right? Wrong because if it was a dream that would mean we had slept!!!

Get Ready To Unlock The Secrets Of Weighted Therapy!

Weighted blankets were designed to relieve stress and anxiety, help with insomnia and calm and regulate the sensory system. Weighted blankets can act like a big tight hug. They can help your mood and help you sleep.

Weighted therapy uses weighted products to apply deep pressure to help us regulate and calm our sensory systems.

The deep pressure on our bodies helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

When certain pressure points on the body are stimulated by touch, serotonin is released by the brain. This is naturally converted to melatonin, which relaxes the body, decreasing heart rate and blood pressure.

Research also shows that weighted blankets can reduce night-time levels of cortisol.

So if you’re ready to calm your sensory system and sleep better read on …

At Chewigem we have 2 amazing weighted blankets.

We have a Budget Weighted Blanket!

This weighted blanket is inexpensive but way from basic. It gives you everything you need from a weighted blanket. Made with 100% cotton and glass beads it feels lovely. The beads are quiet and spread evenly, with no bunching. This blanket has no cover and so is cool on the skin, but you can add a cover if required. I honestly can’t fault any part of it so it’s perfect for those on a budget.

Then we have the Koala Blanket!

This weighted blanket is one of luxury. It really is the best-weighted blanket I have ever used (and I have used a lot). The cover is super soft and also cooling meaning it can be used year-round. This blanket has been made with huge attention to detail and it’s obvious. So if you want the best-weighted blanket then here it is.


I have both of these weighted blankets so I want to give you my honest opinion. If I was going to buy one of these blankets for myself I would choose the budget blanket. It’s a great blanket and it does everything I need. If someone was gifting me one of these blankets I would choose the luxury blanket. I can’t justify spending on luxury items for myself so I would definitely love this as a gift.

This is lucky really as my son has stolen the Koala Blanket from me (and it is really helping him), leaving me happy with my budget blanket!

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