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Are Autistic Girls Being Set Up To Become Self Fulfilling Prophecies?

This week Jenny talks to Catriona from Swan and asks the question, are girls being set up to become self-fulfilling prophecies.

SWAN stands for Scottish Women’s Autism Network, and as the name suggests, they are a network for Autistic Women based in Scotland but have connections all over the UK and beyond.

Catriona talks about how her life was affected by her autism. She talks about it in terms of feeling like her self-esteem was affected when she didn’t fit in. One of the areas discussed is the importance placed on making friends in childhood. Catriona says that these efforts could be better placed in honing into autistic people’s interests.

SWAN has created meetups and online forums for adults and young people on the spectrum that are aimed at support and community. These are run by people on the spectrum themselves.

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