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Anxiety Tips With Jayden Worthington (Sensory Matters #10)

**This Weeks Episode contains talk of self-harm, depression and anxiety**

This week Jenny chats to Jayden Worthington about tips with dealing with anxiety, among other issues.

Jayden chats openly about his childhood and how he struggled in middle school. We hear about how he initially came out to his parents after a tough time dealing with self-harm, depression and anxiety and hoped that everything would change. Unfortunately, nothing did until he realised that actually, he was trans. We get to hear about how important it is to have someone to trust that is outside of your family circle and Jayden has this in a teacher and a very good friend.

This is where his journey for an autism diagnosis also began. Jayden tells us how having a diagnosis has really helped him as there is lots of help and support he wouldn’t have known was available without it.

Finally he chats a little about school now, his upcoming exams and future at 6th Form.

This one really shouldn’t be missed. Thanks Jayden and good luck with the exams.

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