About Sensooli

We live to serve those with sensory needs and pride ourselves on helping to find exactly the right product for each unique individual. 

Our expert team works passionately to support our customers and community through top-notch sensory products and the best content – from podcasts and blogs to downloadable resources and expert advice. If you want to know more about Sensooli, read on.

Our vision

Sensooli is a supportive worldwide community and hub, bringing together like-minded people and experts to offer education, products and support to people dealing with any form of sensory processing difficulty.

We have created a culture of acceptance and belonging, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation and gender choices. People are people and everyone is welcome.

We strive to show deep respect for everyone whether it be inside and outside of our community.

Our products

Over 10+ years we have served more than 250,000 people with sensory products and support. 

Scouring the globe to source the best products from top-notch brands to provide products to support every type of sensory need. Only the best of the best make it to the store after a rigorous testing process – so the highest quality is guaranteed.

The ever-expanding Sensory Support group of private members does remarkable things, connecting like-minded individuals and providing life changing content & support

Shop the Sensory Store

Explore the online sensory store. Each of our products is rigorously tested and vetted by both experts and real people, just like you! Only the best of the best make it to the store – so the highest quality is guaranteed.
Sensooli is a positive place and while we encourage healthy debates,  will not accept any negative or unhelpful comments within our community groups.  If you don’t have anything helpful to say, then don’t say it. Our team is made up of people who have some connection to the SPD world, whether it be a family member, themselves or in a professional capacity. We live and breathe the same challenges as our customers and care passionately about providing the very best experience to our community.
There are no stupid questions. Community members should feel safe to ask for the help they need.  Asking questions is the only way that we can learn and the only way we can help to educate others. It is possible to cause hurt deliberately and accidentally. The important difference is intent. No matter the topic, we will be tolerant of other points of view. Ideas and beliefs can change over time and we will create a space that allows people to discuss, learn and explore ideas without fear of personal attack. Person first language or identity-first language is a personal preference. We will not judge or attack people for their choices. At the same time, we will also stand up for anyone who unintentionally causes  ‘offence’ by using ‘incorrect’ language. Education and open dialogue are fundamentals to a better understanding of one another.
We do not believe that people with sensory processing challenges, autism or other such diagnosis need a “cure” and we will not support organisations with this belief.
We strive to minimise our negative impact on the environment.

Our Team

Jenny McLaughlan


AKA the big bad boss… but not really that big or bad! Mother to a child with anxiety and sensory difficulties, particularly sound.

Stuart McLaughlan

Warehouse Badass

Runs all things warehouse-related, making sure your orders arrive in perfect condition and with the right stuff. Plus is our technical product drawer for new items we develop and a listening ear to the CEO after a long day.

Lorraine Young

Community Manager

Community Manager & Autistic adult & Mam to Autistic Teen Jamie. Overseeing all things community-based. Devoted to planning, developing, and marketing the Sensooli Brand.

Chris Gibbons

Business & Marketing Strategy

Chris helps us plan our Business & Marketing Strategy and keeps our leadership team focused on getting there

Pippa Reddy

Trade Manager & Customer Services

The smiliest lady you will ever meet! Also loves a good chat! And always at hand to help with enquiries! Has real attention to detail which is much needed! Give her a call!

Jamie Young

The Inspiration

One of the first children who found that our flagship brand Chewigem helped. Jamie loves chatting to people, doing reviews and live videos. If you ever have a question for Jamie just get in touch.

Amy Beck

Finance Manager

Amy covers all things finance related. Often described as the Welsh pocket-rocket! Small and mighty. Whilst always happy to help, she is also the one who may chase you if you’ve been naughty and not paid your bill!


The Gopher

Scott is the eager gopher for the team, Dad to an autistic daughter. Working between all departments, hopefully fixing everybody’s problems. When not doing that, he ensures everything runs as smoothly as possible so the rest of the team can focus on making things better for you guys, our amazing Sensooli family.

Sensory Support Resources