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5 Top Tips To Avoid The Stresses Of Christmas


The Christmas period can be a tough time for us autistics, so I thought it would be a good idea to write another list of 5 top tips to avoid the stresses of Christmas. There’s the change to a routine to deal with, busy shopping centres and loud, bright Christmas lights everywhere.

5 Top Tips To Avoid The Stresses Of Christmas

1. Choose Your Shopping Times Carefully!

Do as much of your shopping early in the morning or later on in the evening. the shops are less busy then! If you cannot avoid shops and do all of your shopping online then the best time is to go in the morning or at night, preferably on a weekday!

I’ve found that fewer people are around in shopping centres at certain times of the day, and around lunchtime is when shopping centres get the busiest! Obviously, you won’t be able to avoid all people, but it will be a lot less busy than weekends on weekdays!

2. Ask To Be Told About Changes In Advance!

Sometimes timetables or plans of the week can really help when dealing with change. Ask a member of your family to help you write down the changes and plans for the busy festive season in advance. That way you know exactly what’s going to happen and when.

Writing plans down when they’re going to change really prepares me for them and makes them less overwhelming! Maybe even look at pictures of decorations around your house from previous years to prepare yourself for when they come out!

3. Be Prepared For Events!

If you go to a light switch on or a firework display. It’s okay to take anything you need to stay calm and take breaks if you need to! – Light switch on can be fun, but they’re also very loud and bright if you need to take ear defenders or headphones!

Stand near the back and watch on the big screen they have behind the stage. And if you can, watch firework displays or bonfires from inside your house, or the building you’re near! At Christmas parties with fireworks, there’s always somewhere quieter to go! Ask the host or the staff beforehand and take precautions!

4. Ask People Who Are a Part of Your Normal Routine What Their Plans Are!

Some friends or family that you may be used to seeing regularly may have different plans for the holiday season!

Ask them in advance what they are doing so you can prepare for these changes. This allows you to make other plans yourself so you can distract yourself from the change of routine!

5. It’s Okay To Have Time For Yourself!

It’s okay to have time for yourself and take breaks if you need to, anything you need to do to relax and enjoy yourself is important!


I hope that these 5 top tips to avoid the stresses of Christmas have been helpful in lessening the dread. Remember, it is ok to take time for yourself and make this time enjoyable for yourself!

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