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5 Tips For Starting/Going Back To School


There is so much to remember when starting school or going back to school after the summer. One minute you’re enjoying the holidays and then suddenly school is about to start back and you find yourself underprepared.

Here are 5 Tips For Starting/Going Back To School!

Bedtime Routine

During the summer you may let your kids stay up a little later than usual or sleep on in the mornings. This is lovely during the summer but around a week before going back to school I would recommend getting those bedtime routines back in place. Having to get up early again after 6 weeks doesn’t feel good for anyone and it can make that first week back even harder.

Do A Trial School Run

Whether you’re walking, going by car or taking the bus I would recommend taking a test run on that journey. You don’t want to be late on the first day back!

Label all uniform/clothing including shoes

Label everything! If your child wears a uniform put their name in everything. If they don’t wear a uniform ensure you label anything they make take-off and leave lying around. Hoodies, cardigans, blazers.  Label everything from PE Kit to shoes. According to Mothers Who Work “Parents Blow up to £150 a year replacing lost school uniform because they don’t use name tags and labels”. In my own personal experience in the first 2 years of secondary school my son lost a full pe kit including trainers and football boots both years in the first week!

Fortunately, they were labelled.


Always send money in a labelled envelope. If your child has to pay for something at school, whether it is a school trip or their dinner money the chances are they will just go and drop it in with someone. This someone will be super busy and have just had up to hundreds of others dropping off money too! Always send your money in a labelled envelope so that there can be no confusion.

Check Your Child Bag Everyday

It doesn’t matter if your child is 4 or 14 they will forget to give you letters and important information. Lots of schools these days do things online, via an app or via text, but they will still send things home with your child every now and then.


Having summer off your regular routine can turn your brain to mush. There is so much to remember to make sure your little darlings make it back to school on time and in good order. I’ve made so many mistakes and learned from them so thought the best thing to do was share them with others!

I hope these 5 tips for starting/going back to school has helped you be prepared. If you need any more help we have loads fo other amazing back to school blogs on our content hub.

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