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5 Tips For Enjoying A Concert If You’re Autistic


I love going to concerts, it’s one of my favourite things to do but I know some people struggle, so I thought I would write my 5 tips for enjoying a concert if you’re autistic!. I love the feeling of being the only one in the crowd. Most of all I love to feel like the musician is singing exclusively at me!

However, I know that it can be daunting for other people. So I thought I would write my 5 tips for enjoying a concert if you’re autistic!

5 Tips For Enjoying a Concert If You’re Autistic!

1. Be prepared for loud noises and lots of flashing lights!

Make sure you prepare yourself for the busy loud and bright atmosphere, some people take ear defenders with them.  But I tend to just wear earphones if it’s too loud because I’m always very focused on the music and singing along … it’s up to you! Sunglasses are also helpful for really bright lights, but if these aren’t doable just look down at the floor when they’re too bright.  I’ve learnt to do this because I’m very prone to migraines!

2. Go to the side of the venue if standing!

I’ve been to hundreds of concerts now, and I’ve learnt that the side is a lot more chilled out.   You can normally see better from near the front and people give you space and are very understanding. Especially if you need a little bit of extra help or calming down, as there are often families there.  People will talk to you if you’re anxious or scared, and you’re normally near to the bar so you can get water or a drink if you need one!

3. Remember … nobody in the crowd will be focusing on you as everyone will be having a good time and doing their own thing!

So stim if you need to and don’t feel afraid of people judging you or thinking you’re not paying attention! They’re there for the band too! Although you may not have space for stim toys! I only ever take a tangle and a chewy to gigs because I’m scared of losing them! Body stims are always great at gigs because it’s like a dance! (I always happy flap, and it makes the people around me smile). However, if you’re using stim toys be very careful not to drop them; everyone is jumping around and it would get stood on and broken if you’re not careful! (I wrap a tangle around my wrist and wear a chewy necklace so both stim toys I have with me are connected to me!)

4. It’s okay to stand near the back or leave the main room if things get a little bit too much and you need some time out.

There’s normally a bar area outside of the main concert room where there are staff and first aid waiting in case someone comes out and needs help – never be afraid to talk to the staff! They understand some people need a bit more space and will be accommodating if you’re struggling whilst you’re in the concert hall.  Talk to the security if you need to get out quickly! It’s literally their job to help people!

5. Enjoy yourself!

and don’t feel self-conscious! There’s always at least one other person in the room who loves that band as much as you! Remember that! Have fun and don’t worry about what you look like!


I hope that these 5 tips for enjoying a concert if you’re autistic and they have made the thought of going to a concert less daunting!

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