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5 surprising sensory fidgets to calm your senses

5 essential sensory fidget aids we adore, that people just cannot stop fidgeting with! And it is no wonder! They are simply addictive. Fidgeting is known to help people focus and concentrate, whether that need is driven by ADHD, anxiety, autism anyone can benefit from the calming powers of fidget aids.

Long gone are the days of ‘sit still’, ‘stop fidgeting’ it is now widely accepted that the process of fidgeting engages both sides of the brain while focusing on a task and that actually improves outcomes and concentration.

The perfect fidget is as personal a choice as perfume. Everyone has a different input they seek. At Sensooli we have a fidget aid for everyone, whether that is for use at home, work or school, smooth or textured, handheld or bigger, wearable or not, we have it covered.

Versatile Textured Cactus Chubes

These are a firm favorite! Perfect for fidgeters who need tactile input too. Covered in raised nubs they are wonderful to stroke, rill and fiddle with. The best bit is you can either wear them as a pendant, thread them onto hoodies cords, slip them onto pencils, or headphone wires, or even just use them as a handheld.

Find out more here.

The Chewipal, the accidental fidget

Originally designed to attach Chewigems to buttonholes and belt loops, for those that chew clasps or cannot tolerate a pendant or bangle… yet our amazing community have fallen head over heels with this product as a sensational, stimable, flappable, pingable, fidget in its own right. It is soft, stretchy, portable and has bumps to provide texture and interest. That is why it has made our 5 essential sensory fidget aids.

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The King of Fidgets

So versatile, the Hexichew deserves its place on the 5 essential sensory fidget aids as it has a mix of textures but fits comfortably between the fingers and fits nicely in your hand.

Its 3 loops are wonderful for inserting fingers and lasso’s spinning the Hexichew around. It has also been praised by occupational therapists for helping with hand strength, by using it to push the ball legs into the loop legs.

Check it out here 

Bubble Boards – Pop it!

Whatever you call them these have taken the world by storm and no wonder! They are so addictive.

This bubble board is mounted on a stiff whiteboard, making it easier to enjoy the ever-lasting bubble wrap effect. Loved by fidgets across the globe. Also can be used to play a variety of games. Perfect for slipping into your bag, or for at home.

Check out the Bubble Boards here.

The Pocket-Sized Hand Fidget with secret fidget powers

This little fidget is ideal for slipping into your pocket and fidgeting discreetly. Your hand fidget companion is by your side when you need to regulate. The textured ball in the middle can be rolled between your fingers, or roll the hand fidget across a desk or on your palm. It’s small but mighty and super versatile.

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