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5 Sensory Mothers Day Gift Ideas


It’s Mother’s Day on 31st March here in the UK and also in America & Canada in May. Are you struggling to know what to buy for your mum?  Here are 5 Sensory Mothers Day Gift Ideas for your mum!

1. Plushy

Plushies are amazing! They come in all shapes and sizes and all kinds of price ranges. Cuddly, plush toys are amazing. Teddy Bears are essential to our mental health and emotional wellbeing. If you haven’t seen our blog Transitional Objects then check it out here:

Transitional, Security & Comfort Objects aka Teddy Bears

I personally don’t go anywhere without my teddy and I love to receive them as gifts. I also love going to build a bear so you could go into the store and build a bear together? Remember your ear defenders though as build a bear can be quite a sensory experience!

2. Reversible Sequins 

Reversible sequins are amazing. You can get so many things with reversible sequins these days and they are so much fun to play with. If you have a B&M or Home Bargains you can usually pick up some of these things at a very reasonable price. I have quite a few things from both of these stores. I even got a pair of slippers for Christmas!

3. A Book

Books are amazing and whether you read regularly or not a book is a great gift. There are so many ways to make a book special. If your mum is an avid reader you can surprise her with a book she will love. If she’s too busy to read try and audible gift credit that way she can listen on the go. You can order personalised books or even a special notebook or diary!

Seriously who doesn’t love a Notebook with a picture of something they love on the cover!

4. Weighted Blanket

A more expensive extravagant gift but one that will be greatly received by any sensory mum! Weighted blankets have so many health benefits including helping with insomnia, anxiety, stress and sensory processing difficulties. Weighted blankets are amazing for self-regulating your sensory system. There is a good chance that your mum wouldn’t dream of spending so much money on herself (I know I wouldn’t). I was lucky enough to get a Gravity Blanket to review and I can highly recommend them.

5. Chewigem

Chewigems make an amazing sensory gift. They are stylish, discreet and come in many different styles. Why not make the most of our Mother’s Day Promotion running until 1st March where you can get a FREE Bubba Bangle with the purchase of Every Necklace! Just add both to your basket and use the code Bubba!

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