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4 visually stimulating products you dont know are visually stimulating

Check out these 4 unexpected visually stimulating products loved by our customers. We kind of dig them too!

More than a Pop it!

You will all be familiar now with the Pop it/ bubble board craze that swept the globe, with most people enjoying the tactile fidget features. However, they are also a good shout for those who enjoy visual stimulation and bright colours.

Marble Mazes

Another visually stimulating product in disguise. It is not all about the function of this fabulous handmade item which you can lose yourself in while running the marble through the sewn-in maze… no you can also get lost in the hypnotically stimulating bright or monochrome geometric patterns.

Is it a skirt, is it a Tutu or is it a sight seekers dream?

This sensory skirt is all about visual stimulation. With 3 settings for speed, you can match the stimulation to your mood! We will let you in on a secret (Shhh!) whilst the sizing is up to age 7, the waist is expandable and can actually fit small adults.

A drawing tablet to delight the eyes!

When you think of drawing tablets and the benefits they can have you will likely think of motor skills, hand-eye coordination. But they can also act as a stimulating light source, with their bright colours, choice of pens, you can make a visual display to suit your needs.

Think differently

Whatever your sensory needs, there are probably lots of products you have already, you have not considered, that have other properties which were not their primary intention that can meet your sensory needs. Just like these 4 Visually Stimulating Products, that were not designed with that intention. If you can think of any more, we’d love to hear ways in which you use them to meet your sensory needs. Get in touch today!

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