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10 things you need to know about us… as a company

10 things you need to know about us… Sensooli, as a company

We have all the usual stuff that a company has – a website, a company registration, a VAT number (yawn!), email addresses, phone numbers, and an office – BUT we are different! I challenge you to find another SPD company with a heart as big as ours…so here are 10 things you need to know about us… as a company.

  1. Our epic product guarantee

We have an amazing guarantee for our Chewigem products. We get that it takes time to find the right product and you may damage items or not be suited to them when you first try them out. We also know how valuable our products are once you find the right one.  We hate the thought of someone giving up on finding a product that will really help them because of a poor experience with another brand or because they didn’t find the right product the first time!  why we started the ‘you break it, we replace it’ promise. We have so much confidence in both our products and our knowledge that we KNOW we can get it right for you, given the chance to work together. So, if you damage one of our products before its average lifespan, we replace it for free; if you have not got on with another brand, we will send you something for free; and if we genuinely cannot find a solution for you and think another brand can do better, we will buy and send you that product, for free! You can read more about it here.

  1. Our community 

We are not all sales, sales, sales. We believe in the power of community and provide a safe place for people to chat and share their experiences and tips. We create and research information for the good of our community, and champion individualism, respect, and empowerment. Don’t believe us? Watch this video from some of our VIC members here.

  1. We are human

We mess up sometimes! Despite our best efforts, we are human and sometimes things get frantically busy and we make silly mistakes with orders, or emails, or website links – sorry about that! But whenever things do go a bit wonky, we go above and beyond to fix it. 

  1. 10 years of experience

Chewigem isn’t just a product. Yes, we do sell amazing products but we also provide amazing customer services and an online community that speaks louder than our products do, hence why we evolved into Sensooli. We understand our products, we understand our customers and, when you want help and advice you get to speak to a real person with long-term and real-life experience. Yes sometimes we use bots on messenger (we have to cope with demand!) but you can always reach a real person who gets it and can really help! You won’t get this buying bootleg product from eBay and Wish.

  1. No judgement… ever

We don’t judge anyone and honestly, there are no stupid questions. Everyone in our community is at a different stage of their journey and understanding so if you use the wrong language or want to ask a question that you feel might be uncomfortable, we welcome that. If you don’t ask you can’t learn!. 

  1. Our company name 

You know us as ‘Chewigem’ or ‘Sensooli’ which is the brand name of our chewable flagship products and website name of our wide community and support offering, but our company name is actually Gemious. This was supposed to be a play on words – like genius – however, Jenny our CEO is pants at spelling and when she completed the company forms, spelled it the wrong way! Doh! Not so genius is she?!

  1. Where we live 

We are based in bonnie Dundee in Scotland – the home of Jute, Jam and Journalism.

  1. Our international team 

Our team is multinational! We have team members from England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, USA, Canada and Australia.

  1. Kids, kids, kids (and dogs) 

We have 22 children between us and 3 dogs. 

  1. Close-knit communicators 

Even though we are spread across the globe, we meet virtually at least once a week.

There you go, so there are 10 things you need to know about us… as a company. Why not check out 10 things about the team you probably did not know.

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