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What is the strongest chew?

Sorry to disappoint but it is NOT that simple!

What is the strongest chew? After a decade of helping people who chew we kind of know what we are talking about! (even if we do say so ourselves!)

We get asked the above question all the time and the answer is always the same… it depends…

If someone is destroying lots of products, for instance, it is only natural to seek out a stronger product in the hope that will solve the problem and last longer. However the cold hard truth is that can often be the completely wrong thing to do, leading to disappointment and frustration. The worst thing that happens is people then decide this cannot be solved, there is no chew on the market strong enough for their needs and they give up!

This breaks our hearts as we know this is not true. With literally millions of Chewigem Originals sold over 10 years, we can still count on one hand how many people we have not been able to help! Now, that’s impressive!

Destruction is NOT the end!

As we have studied chewing habits and destroyed products. Therefore we can tell from a few short questions, why something isn’t working, and make suggestions of what to try. Above all we understand the senses being acted upon and what type of chew might meet those needs. If you hit that sweet spot… chews will last longer, plus we have a host of other trips and strategies which will help you find what makes a robust chew for you!

In conclusion we are always happy to have a chat, we know if we can understand your needs, most importantly we will be able to find you a product that will work for you, meaning no more destroyed products, no more frustration, disappointment and wasted money. All it takes is a conversation with us and you can answer the question:
What is the strongest chew for you?

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