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What can Schools do to support children with sensory needs?

Gail Penman of New Solutions was a guest expert Live with Sensooli

School Support for SPD – How do you get it for your child? This is a hot topic and we get questions on it all the time. How can you encourage schools to accept sensory aids? How can you make schools understand how they can best help your child? What if you don’t yet have a diagnosis, how do you make a school listen and make positive interventions?

All this and more were covered in the live session which is packed full of valuable content.

You can find out more about Gail and what she does here.

She is an absolute leading light in training schools, raising awareness, and encouraging curiosity to solve challenges for ensuring children get School Support for SPD. There are some helpful and practical reminders of what interventions can be done, which is often trial and error.

Missed it live? Watch the replay!

Download Gail’s Slides

Gail Penman slides – Sensory Processing Sept 23 2021

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