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The Ultimate Sensory Christmas Gift Guide 2021

A collection of gifts for every sense

If you want to bring joy to the SPD person in your life, then the sensory Christmas gift guide will be your savior. We have something for everyone, seekers, avoiders, adults, children, budget, luxury, and everything in-between. Gifting your loved one something that will satisfy their senses will bring a smile to their faces and you get a massive tick in the ‘thoughtful gift-giver ‘ box.

The Chewigem Mystery Bag – An oral seekers dream!

We are kicking off with our own brand Chewigem Originals. We have such a HUGE range it can be tough to know what to pick and every chewer/oral seeker is different. The mystery bag is the perfect starting place for anyone and makes an amazing gift for 3 very good reasons. 1. It is super value for money compared to buying items individually 2. The fact it’s a mystery means there will be surprises galore and bound to be something inside to delight. 3. It is an easy way to discover new ‘chews’ and oral stims you might not have considered or tried before. Don’t be fooled that this is just for chewers, Chewigem’s are adored by tactile seekers, scent avoiders, and just general fidget and stim lovers.

I-Spy Bags tick the boxes for visual, tactile & vestibular seekers

We love these, great stocking fillers and hours of fun. With hidden pictures buried in the rice, you can try and find all the pictures by using the clear window to search them out. That sensation of the rice, heavy and tactile is dreamy. Small and portable too so great for a car journey and traveling around. Beautifully handmade items that are sure to bring festive joy!

Glowart Drawing Tablets – Fun, creative, visually stimulating, hand-eye co-ordination development

These tablets are so much fun, with bright colours they are visually engaging and help encourage creative skills.  Fantastic for improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination it’s an electronic gift you won’t feel guilty about spending time on!

Scent seekers & scent avoiders – THIS is for you!

This is the ultimate luxury stocking filler. And the best bit you can choose from a range of enticing and captivating scents if you love all things smelly, or choose the unscented version if that’s not your thing. Plus these balms, not only feel amazing but are all natural.

Quite frankly the best jeans in the world – FACT!

These are amazing and deserve to be part of the sensory Christmas gift guide 2021! Truly they are! So comfortable, and work well for tactile avoiders, but also with the option for adding in a heat pad in the pocket providing extra comfort PLUS they look amazing on. An ideal gift for those that seek tactile input, compression, warmth and they will be adored by those who seek proprioceptive input as well as interoception avoiders.

Keeping vestibular seekers on the move!

Such a popular product for adults and children alike. So simple yet super addictive. It is also beautifully made, so looks amazing, like a piece of art when left in a room. It is so versatile too, stand and balance on it, use it to wobble on, invert it and prop it on a chair to slide down it. Lie on it inside the curve to read, turn it over and enjoy stretching your back. In fact the uses are limitless.

Tactile avoiders dream hairbrush!

We know that those who are sensitive to touch can avoid everyday essential activities like hair brushing. These award-winning brushes not only look uber cool, but they also are antibacterial, antistatic, make light work of tangles, and are soft and gentle on the scalp.

Weighted blankets – gift someone calm this Christmas

Therapeutic weighted blankets use deep touch technology to calm the central nervous system to help stabilize your stress levels, increase relaxation and improve sleep. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give someone that this Christmas? In our shop, we have a range to suit all budgets.

The perfect stocking filler – for anyone!

The Keysie was designed to keep your fingers safe, whether from breaking a nail trying to open a keyring or open a can. The Keysie prevents those annoying breakages by doing the job for you. But for our market it also helps with motor skills, and avoiding touching certain surfaces as well as being just a practical multipurpose tool.

Shine books – the gift of understanding

Enjoyable and uplifting stories which introduce young readers to a range of loveable characters.
​Join Dylan, Alice, and friends on their journeys, and learn more about their conditions and the challenges they face. Whether neurodiverse or not everyone can learn and benefit from these books.

The gift of support!

Our 6 weeks to sensory perception course can be life-changing. Our next intake starts in January and what better gift to give someone than a 6-week course in which they will learn more about how the senses affect them personally and are supported to discover strategies that will lead to SPD mastery. If you decide this is the perfect gift for someone you know, just message us after you have purchased and we will arrange to put it in the right name.

Shopping – complete!

So there you have it that’s the 2021 sensory Christmas gift guide, 11 gift ideas that anyone would love. These products are really special and would add a little magic to anyone’s Christmas this year.

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