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The Super Discreet Chew That Is Perfect For You!

Discreet Chewellery for all.

One of the main issues in society is the feeling of being left out or not fitting in. You want to wear the right clothes, like the right music, and be just like your peers. Unfortunately, that can be hard to do with SPD if you need supports like Chewing or Fidget Aids. If this sounds like you someone you know then…

Here Is Why You Need To Try The Realm Ring!


The Realm Rings are fantastic for anyone who needs a discreet chew that won’t stand out. With its inconspicuous design, it’s the perfect chewing aid for any outfit or occasion. It really solves the problem of making you feel like you stand out with your chewing aid! It truly is discreet Chewellery for all.

Here’s Why OneQuarterMama Loves It:


As with all of our products, the Realm Ring is chewable, it’s perfect for medium to aggressive chewers (they are one of our strongest chews!). Its unique design allows for a lot of bounce back when biting which adds an extra layer of sensory stimulation to chewing!

Here’s Why Casper Loves Chewing It:


This product is a 2 in 1 – chewable and fantastic fidget support at the same time. You can chew and squeeze it simultaneously – allowing for double sensory input to really help you with your self-stimulation!

See Why Lorraine Loves It:  


This is one of our most stylish Chewigems – its cord can be adjusted to make it into a different style which makes it super diverse. It looks like any other piece of jewellery and really won’t stand out. It can go with any outfit!

Find Out Katy’s Fashion Tips For The Realm Ring Here:



If you are looking for a stylish, discreet, chewable & fidgetable SPD aid then the Realm Ring is perfect for you! It’s a great starter Chewigem for those who aren’t sure what they want and it really is one of our most popular products! A truly discreet Chewellery for all.

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