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The Sensooli Story

How it all began

The Sensooli story began back in 2010 when CEO and Founder, Jenny McLaughlan, on maternity leave with her second child made a leap of faith and put £2,500 on a credit card to launch her own business in teething jewellery. Having discovered a need for chewable and dual-function teething aids, she designed her first product. Unheard of in the market, Jenny’s innovative idea was new and different; and despite people initially telling her she was crazy, she was resolute in her belief that she’d found the solution to a problem. Sure enough, her persistence and determination paid off – the products were picked up in the national and regional press and so the business began to grow.

An unexpected turn

But an unexpected and interesting new market for her product emerged – the teething aids were popular within the Sensory Processing Difficulty community as chewables for older children. Jenny started receiving more and more enquiries for products to meet the needs of people with SPD who chew in order to calm and self-regulate their sensory system.  The products had found an alternative use in a different market. Parents, carers and children alike were loving the benefits and the positive impact of the chews and they wanted more! Different types of chew; suitable for different ages; in different colours and shapes.  We had found our niche  – or rather, our niche found us! – where the need was so great and we could have a positive impact on people’s lives. And so, our flagship brand of Chewigem products was born and we have never looked back! That is really the second part of the Sensooli story. 

Serving an important need

One of those parents who contacted us about SPD was Loraine Young, mum of Jamie – a then 7-year old with autism. Her passion and willingness to share her experiences and needs with us meant that we formed a strong and instant bond and Loraine came on board as part of the team. Firmly a part of the Sensooli family, today she is our Community Manager and is passionate about growing and supporting our valued SPD community. We believe in accessibility and inclusiveness and our team is made up of people who are connected to the SPD world, whether it be a family member, themselves, or in a professional capacity. This ensures that the voice of our customers is always at the centre of what we do.  

Over time we have expanded our range beyond chewables to include a huge variety of products for sensory seekers of all types and all ages – including lights, fidgets, sleep, and noise reduction accessories, and more! We are always learning and discovering new ways to provide great products and valuable services. Many of our original customers have grown up with us and are now young people and adults, and so we continue to evolve with them, developing products for every stage of life and beyond childhood. Our customers are a huge part of the Sensooli story too. 

How far we’ve come

We have served over 250,000 people with a need to chew, fidget and stim, all across the globe and continue to expand our offering and grow our audience. We are now in an exciting period of transformation and our new brand Sensooli reflects our journey into maturity. We are the leading global online destination for all things SPD – offering products, membership services, community support and educational resources to enable people with SPD to lead fulfilled and empowered lives. Our new website is truly accessible and designed specifically to cater for visitors with varying SPD needs. We have developed an innovative sensory profiling tool to deliver the best customer experience, providing the most relevant and helpful information, products and content for each unique individual; and we continue to create and manufacture high-quality and award-winning chewables under our flagship brand “Chewigem Originals’. That brings you up to date with the Sensooli story so far. 

Our ambition for the next 5 years to reach 1m+ sensory seekers - to grow our active international community; to continue to serve and support our customers with the very best sensory products and the most relevant and useful content to inform and empower.

-- Jenny, CEO

A bright future

What started as a simple product idea has developed and grown into something that is so much more! We are proud to be enabling and improving people’s daily lives; raising awareness and creating dialogue around sensory processing disorders; giving a voice to the SPD community and working together to change perceptions of difference – to empower, drive acceptance and celebrate all that makes us unique. 

What keeps us driving forward is the feeling that this is the start of the journey. We passionately believe in providing products, membership services, community support, and educational resources to enable people with all forms of SPD to lead fulfilled and empowered lives. There’s still a long way to go, but we are excited about the journey. We hope you become part of the Sensooli story and that you’ll join us for the ride!

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