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The Secret To Improving Your Child’s Coordination In Just 5 Minutes!

This might just be the answer to significant coordination improvements, in about 5 mins a day.

If your child struggles with Dyspraxia or their sense of proprioception then they probably have big issues with their coordination. This blog could lead to significant co-ordination improvements in just 5 minutes a day.

You will know that Dyspraxia really affects their whole lives and it takes a lot of practice to get better at it!

Luckily, the Sensooli team has teamed up with leading Occupational Therapist to create an easy to follow activity guide, The Secret To Improving Your Child’s Coordination in just 5 minutes!

What Is Dyspraxia?

Dyspraxia is a form of developmental coordination disorder (DCD) is a common disorder among both adults and children. It usually affects co-ordination and gross or fine motor skills, it can also affect speech. Despite what some people might believe, it is a life-long condition and it cannot be “cured”. However you can make co-ordination improvements and this downloadable group of exercises takes just 5 minutes a day.

Due to the difficulties with co-ordination, some people might struggle with everyday life, which in turn will have a negative effect on their participation and functioning in education, work, or employment.

Dyspraxia Struggles

While Dyspraxia affects both adults and children, it might present differently, especially if adults have coping mechanisms to help with their everyday lives.

Dyspraxia In Children

Children might present difficulties with self-care, writing, typing, riding a bike, and certain sports which require a lot of hand-eye coordination. They might also struggle with their core muscles which could affect potty training or continuous bedwetting passed the “normal age”. They might also be a range of co-occurring difficulties including social and emotional difficulties, problems with time management, and organisation.

Dyspraxia in Adults

While a Dyspraxic adult might struggle with all the above, they might have coping mechanisms which make the struggles less noticeable. However, they might struggle with driving a car, DIY or cooking. Adults with Dyspraxia often also have difficulty with memory, perception, and processing as well as articulation, speech and processing thought.

Ways To Help!

Dyspraxia cannot be cured but there are ways to help your child manage their Dyspraxia.

While some children with very mild symptoms might grow out of Dyspraxia, most will always be affected by the condition and need long-term help.

Usually, an occupational therapist is the first port of call to help your child.

Using a variety of activities and games will help your child with the weaknesses they have in terms of their coordination and motor skills.

If you want to get started at home, Chewigem has worked exclusively with an NHS-approved Occupational Therapist to bring you 5 activities that will help your child improve their Co-ordination substantially in just 5 minutes!

These are fun, quick, and diverse activities that your child will actually want to do since they were developed so that they don’t feel like work. So start now to see co-ordination improvements, in just 5 mins a day.

So don’t miss out and find out the secret to improving your child’s coordination in just 5 minutes!

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