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The Only Toothbrushing Hack You’ll Ever Need!

SPD and tooth brush troubles can be super common, you are not alone! People with sensory processing difficulties often struggle with brushing their teeth. They might gag or throw up and complain about toothbrushing physically hurting their gums. On top of all of this, the foam from the toothpaste is a sensory nightmare and the taste turns into an awful burning sensation!

If this sounds familiar, it is for many people. But a lot of them unlocked a secret that has let them take back control of their toothbrushing and helped them brush 2 times a day!

Want to know the secret?? 

Read On To Find Out!

Good Dental Hygiene

You really want to have good oral hygiene, we all know how important it is but you physically just can’t brush your teeth! Maybe you’ve spent a fortune on electric toothbrushes, or softer bristled brushes. But nothing seems to work! Achieving healthy teeth takes a lifetime of care. This involves getting the right oral care products, as well as being mindful of your daily habits. It is recommended that we brush our teeth twice a day with a toothpaste that contains fluoride. So if you or a loved one is struggling with toothbrushing I imagine you worry quite a bit about your dental hygiene! If you’re worried you’re biting off more than you can chew … don’t we have you covered! We can help with SPD and tooth brush troubles. 

Innovative Solution

The IKO Finger Toothbrush is exactly what you’re looking for! This soft-to-touch brush fits on the end of your finger.  Meaning no more sore gums! Simply pop it on your finger and brush. No water is required so you can brush anywhere. At home, school, or on the go! No toothpaste is required so that means no more foaming or burning sensations, which also means no more gagging! The finger toothbrushes are available in fruit flavours, or mild mint.  In both adult and child sizes. They come in a handy resealable box and can be used 100 times before replacing them. They release fluoride as you brush which strengthens tooth enamel and helps to prevent decay. On top of this, they are also recyclable.

What did you say? Where can I get them?

You can get them here!

But I Like Brushing My Teeth!

If you’re like me and you don’t struggle with brushing your teeth and actually have the opposite sensory issues meaning your teeth always have to feel clean and fresh then these little brushes are fantastic for taking out and about. I can’t stand the feel of unclean teeth and so I brush my teeth more often than is recommended. I use an electric toothbrush and a very strong abrasive toothpaste. The IKO Finger toothbrush means that when I go for a meal or out for lunch I always have the opportunity to brush my teeth without carrying my whole dental hygiene kit in my bag!

These little brushes are a complete game-changer for so many people.

So don’t delay, get yours today!


Healthy teeth and gums are super important. Try to brush your teeth at least twice a day. It is also important to see a Dentist for regular dental check-ups.

As well as using the IKO finger toothbrush you can avoid sugary snacks and drinks. Drink more water and eat healthy crunchy snacks.

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