Sensory Profile : Vestibular Seeker

Sensory Superpower: Energy!

Roundabouts, trampolines, skipping, bouncing, jumping, flapping, swinging and bumpy bus rides – these maybe things you love, love love, to do! Perhaps you don’t sit still, like to balance, wobble and repeatedly rock and move. Maybe you like to shake your leg or wiggle your fingers – you just need to move!

Clearly it’s hard to bounce, jiggle, spin, rock and swing in a workplace or school – but planning for time when your body can get what it craves is possible and can satisfy that need.

You can use visual planners and tools to plan out your day – if you have been at your desk all morning, then at lunchtime you will go for a run, ride your bike, go on your pogo stick or whatever fulfils that need. Try to notice if anything increases your need to seek that sensation – for example is it stress, or excitement? If you can figure that out, you will be able to recognise the need.

Secret weapons:

  1. Planning your time to satisfy your needs. Check outTom tags and sand timers to help manage your time.
  2. Wobble cushions can gently provide your body with those sensations while working away at school or work.
  3. You cannot always leap about, so fidgets are a good tool to have handy for when you need to stay put.
  4. A balance board or a vibrating cushion can be a great way to achieve the required sensations and movement without leaving your home.
  5. At school, play catch or balls games at break time.
  6. Try yoga or Twister.

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