Sensory Profile : Audio Seeker

Sensory Superpower: Finding the beat!

The noisier the better right? You perhaps like to make noises yourself with your mouth, or banging an item, or clicking something repeatedly. You may find you only have sounds in one ear and need to feel the sound.

You may find some sounds you just cannot register like others can, but you need, want and crave it. Sound Seekers often love the noise of a crowd, the TV up loud and music on full-blast.

Maybe you love audiobooks and listening to stories rather than reading them. You might say things over and over that you like the sound of. It could make you feel excited, or calm – it could be either, but you love it and need to satisfy that urge for noise.

It’s not always possible to do this when you need it, but we’ve got some handy secret weapons for you to use!

Secret weapons:

  1. Wearing headphones while at work or out and about to give you the stimulation you need from music.
  2. You can pretty much download any sounds you like these days so find your favourite and use that. Download crowd sounds if that’s your thing!
  3. Blast those sounds out on a loud speaker at home. 
  4. Invest in anaudiobook playerthat you or your child will engage with. Check out the Yoto Player, it not only has classic titles but makes your own too, meaning you can customise it with the sounds you enjoy!
  5. Cannot do it at work or school? Plan things out so you know when you can get your fix. Talk to your school’s teacher or work about the need for breaks that can satisfy your noise requirements. Explain it helps you become more productive and focused.

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