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Discover Your Sensory Profile

Welcome to the new Sensory Profile generator!

Identify your own unique sensory profile to give YOU (and others around you!) a better understanding and insight into what makes you tick – like common triggers and strategies for coping with sensory needs.

Take the 5 minute assessment and discover resources, information and the best products for your sensory needs

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What's my sensory makeup?

We all have a continuously changing spectrum of sensory processing preferences.  Sometimes we feel one way and the next totally different! This is completely normal.

It should take less than 5 minutes to get your personalised profile and unlock proven strategies and support resources to help you better manage your unique sensory processing abilities. The tool is designed to help you discover more about your unique sensory makeup and direct you to useful, relevant information and resources. So give it a go – use the Sensory Profile Tool to learn about your unique profile. You can retake the test as many times as you like, to see how different environments alter your profile. You may even find it evolves as you grow and develop over time too. You can also download or email the results to yourself to keep a record. You can always access your most recent results from your account dashboard.

People around you may find it really helpful to see your profile so they gain a better understanding of how they can support you.

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