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Your booking includes a pre-call questionnaire, a 45 min Sensory Strategy Session, personalised report, action plan and follow on support.

Get help with restricted diets, family & social integration, reducing overwhelm, manage change, clothing sensitivities, anxiety and effective school/workplace engagement.

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91% of Sensooli customers report a positive impact on their life.

Who is it for?

Individuals | Parents carers | Educators

1 in 20 people and a whopping 1 in 6.25 children report experiencing sensory challenges.

Sensooli Occupational Therapy offers specialist sensory support for individuals, parents, carers and professionals looking to improve quality of life through developing a greater understanding of their unique sensory profile.

What to expect

Check availability

Tell us a little more about your situation and objectives to be matched with available sessions with qualified experts.

Strategy Support Session

Meet remotely via video or telephone at a time that suits you. Its fine to discuss yourself or someone you care for.

Sensory Strategy report & action plan

Review your personalised recommendations report and action plan.

Take action

Join over 5,000 members in our Sensory Community group or ask for one to one support from your assigned Occupational Therapist.

30 day check in

Our mission is to help you make positive progress. 30 days following your Sensory Strategy Session is your "check-in". If you are ready then we can help by directing you to additional support resources.


Know someone who finds some situations at home a challenge, then this call will help. 

These are just some things that can make life a real challenge at home -the very place you should feel the most comfortable.

A Sensory Strategy Call with an occupational therapist specialising in sensory processing difficulties will provide you with insights, practical steps to address and ease some of these challenges.


School can be a real area of anxiety and frustration for people with sensory processing challenges. Children can get upset, overwhelmed or withdrawn when their sensory needs are not met. 

Let our expertly trained sensory occupational therapists help you formulate a plan to work with the school to get the best outcomes for your child.


The work environment can be a real source of difficulty for those with sensory challenges – rigid break times; having to sit at your desk for set periods of time or the glare from your screen monitor; the scent wafting from the staff canteen; the dull roar of the heating or air conditioning unit; or the constant chatter or clicking on a keypad.

By talking to our specialist sensory integration occupational therapists, you will leave the call with strategies you can use to make the work your environment more manageable.

Book a Sensory Strategy Session today - £99

Your booking includes a pre-call questionnaire, a 45 min Sensory Strategy Session, personalised report, action plan and follow on support.  

Send us a message here if you have any questions before booking.

Pre-call questionnaire

Tell your sensory professional more about your circumstances and challenges that you'd like to tackle. It’s important to focus the session on what you want to achieve so your occupational therapist can focus recommendations designed to help you make practical progress to achieve those goals. It could be as simple as manage a busy shopping centre visit to improving school success. These goals are YOURS and about YOU, give some thought regarding what would help, you to live your best life.

Strategy Session

Your 45 minute Sensory Strategy Session takes place with a qualified sensory trained occupational therapist. The session will take place via video or audio only at a time you select during the booking process. The number one priority is for your OT to help lay out a clear pathway to helping you make progress dealing with sensory objectives.

Personalised report & action plan

Following the call you will receive via email a comprehensive report and action plan which summaries the challenges discussed and specific actions you can follow to start making progress towards your objectives straight away.. The report will provide links to resources, a specific action plan, recommended products, places to get support and the opportunity for continued therapy if suitable.

Follow on support

Connect with over 5,000 Sensory Community members and get support, accountability and practical help to make the progress towards your objectives. A strategy call is only as good as the actions you take following it. Our professionals will make recommendations, but they cannot do it for you. It’s important to commit to taking action. To help support your progress you will update us on your results 30 days after your initial session.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find the answer to your questions here then please contact our support team here before booking.

Currently we are not providing a diagnosis service. Currently we are focused on actions that will make a difference now, so actionable strategies and plans to improve life to meet your goals right now. If you choose to go on and have therapy with us, this can if suitable include professional reports to help engage and improve school success, or for work. Sometimes people use the outcome report from the strategy call to take to a GP, School or work to start those conversations.
We hope you don’t, as we do everything we can to remind you about it as our professionals will be poised and waiting to help you, having carved out time just for you. But life happens, we get it, so as soon as you realise, let us know and we can help you get booked onto a new time slot. If you miss an appointment twice though we wont be able to re-arrange and will keep your payment to cover the occupational therapists time.
This is only natural, baring all can be hard and nerve wracking. We get it, which is why our sensory professionals we have chosen totally understand this and will do everything they can to put you at ease. There is nothing they haven’t heard, are empathetic and patient. You wont feel nervous after 60 seconds as we know how good they are at helping people.
Absolutely, the call is about YOU and if you feel having someone there would help you then absolutely have them there.
Not at all! With waiting lists being so long, gaining a diagnosis can be hard and slow. You know if you need help and we can offer that help without the long waits. Many people also suspect their diagnosis and so self identify, this is absolutely fine, often being diagnosed is just getting the formal bit of paper, what matters is the actions taken. There is usually a challenge which has led you to this point, or drove you to get a diagnosis, but a diagnosis does not always come with support and actions. By having a strategy call you get to speak to a trained expert, who’s goal is to help you unlock areas of your life you struggle with and enable you to do the things that matter to you.
Yes you can, the NHS is a fantastic service and it could well get you the support you need. We are so fortunate to have a service like this. That said we all know the NHS is still under considerable strain, even pre covid it was not uncommon to have waitings of 1-2 years to be seen. This is unhelpful when you or your child needs support now! Plus getting referred in the NHS to the ‘right’ professional can be hard too, each area has a different pathway or process and some of those may not be sensory specialists. It is free so definitely visit your GP and have a chat, and start that process but to get help right now, then our strategy call could be invaluable.
It is much more difficult for our occupational therapists to conduct a call over broken text or email. A conversation is much easier. We would suggest if you need support via text or email then to message us directly, whilst we are not sensory trained occupational therapists, we have over a decade of sensory experience ad have helped thousands. The other option is to join our sensory support group and lean on the group for anything you need.

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