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Sensory Diet, What Is It? With Katy (Sensory Matters #14)

This week Jenny talks to the amazing Katy from invisible i, discusses sensory diet, what is it and how it helps. She also shares her amazing tips with us. She is such a shining example of how different does not mean less and that all things are possible.

Find out exactly how to create a sensory diet and how it can help regulate you

Since this recording Katy is has become an official member of Chewigem and we are thrilled to have her.

Find Out More About Healthy Sensory Habits Here:

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How To Choose The Right Sensory Accessory Or Device For Your Child

How To Promote Safe Chewing

Understanding Why We Chew

Find Katy On Her Youtube Channel “Invisible i” and on Chewigem TV:

Invisible i

Chewigem TV

Find The XL Podcast Here:




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